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SICC if has 10.000 square meters of durface and several thousands and references in products for the ceramic industry. SICC, throught a powerfull computer management systems, is ready to find the quality of the products required, at the most competitive price and delay.

SICC, offers high technical advice by technical professionals and fast solutions for facing whatever cliends needs, throught a powerfull and dinamyc distribution network, for delivering your orders all over the worl. Thirty five years in a ceramic industry in our best guarantee.

  Spare parts for the ceramic industry     General supply  
 • Milling    Emphasizing basically the alumina balls and the greases for the mills.
 • Atomization    In relation to the process of atomization, we can supply all kind of accessories for the lances of
1, 2 or 3 nozzles ( references: E1, E3, E4, MF and E500)
 • Pressing    In the pressing process we emphasize the filters and oils for presses, as well as the electrovalves and the spare for presses.
 • Glazing    Glazing supplies:
 • Burning/Kilning    Kilning supplies:
 • Classification    Some supplies:
 • Other 
  • Pneumatics – hydraulics
• Transmission
    • Pipes
• Abrasives and cutting
• Control instruments and laboratory
• Metrology and measure
• Pumps

For the atomization we have available piston pumps for barbotine, and also membrane pumps for the coming and going of liquids. In the section of presses we have hydraulic presses for high pressure. Finally for the glazing process we have high pressure pumps for Ceramique oxide pistons or stainless steel pistons for the Serifix application, and also missing pumps for glazing.