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SICC if has 10.000 square meters of durface and several thousands and references in products for the ceramic industry. SICC, throught a powerfull computer management systems, is ready to find the quality of the products required, at the most competitive price and delay.

SICC, offers high technical advice by technical professionals and fast solutions for facing whatever cliends needs, throught a powerfull and dinamyc distribution network, for delivering your orders all over the worl. Thirty five years in a ceramic industry in our best guarantee.

  Spare parts for the ceramic industry     General supply  
Electric material

Extensible wires, mobile and spherical lamps, photocells, alkaline batteries and watch batteries, we also have available feeders and proximity sensors.



Hand tools and electrical tools
  In relation to the electrical tools, we have available storage batteries, grinders, sandpaper disks, sandpaper, drill bit, drills, brushes and scroll saw. And in relation to the hand tools we have lengthening device, pliers, toolbox, screwdrivers and all kind of keys (allen, glass, star…) and also hammers and cutters.


  Drums, decanters of all kind of capacities, drawers, barrows.


  In this section we can emphasize the subfamily of ventilation with all kind of accessories and spare parts that this division requires (helicoidal and centifugal fans …) but we can also highlight sandpaper disks, all kind of millers, files, grindings, ladders, cleaning equipments, bands, stainless guides ……




Stock of screws